3D is coming, don your glasses(?)

There seems to be a huge amount of momentum building around 3D cinema and now, 3D HDTV.  Last year, movie studios committed billions (yes, with a B) to 3D feature film productions scheduled for shooting from last year through 2010.  In addition, several thousand cinemaplexes are scheduled to be outfitted with at least one 3D theater — in North America alone.  The impetus behind this seems clear to me — studios and theatre owners need a compelling reason to lure people back into theatres to watch feature films, despite several factors working against them:

  1. High prices — including $10 boxes of milk duds, your only soda choices are Thimble ($2.00), 5-Gallon Bucket ($10.00), and 25-Gallon Intravenous Bladder ($20.00).
  2. Sticky seats, crowds
  3. Annoying people with cellphones
  4. Loud people with cellphones or loud friends
  5. Sticky, loud, annoying people, with cellphones and loud friends

Everyone put up with these grievances for a while, at least until one could at least buy a somewhat immersive home theater experience, with DVD’s and Dolby DTS.  Now, with Blu-Ray, and lossless audio coding, the reasons to drive to a theater and endure the “theater ambiance” are more limited.

To get people back into theaters, an experience that they cannot reproduce at home is needed — hence 3D.

And then, innovation leaps ahead of the movie studios…


“Ultimately, 3-D proponents want to eliminate the need for
special glasses instead relying on technology that sends
the same image separately to the left and right eye thereby
creating the perception of three dimensions. Seiko Epson, for
mobile phone handsets, and Philips, for 52-inch displays, have
demonstrated prototypes capable of showing a 3-D image
without the need for special glasses. With more movie content,
sports content and videogames designed with 3-D in mind,
some consumers may give 3-D another look.”

So, not only will you not need headache-inducing “glasses”, but you’ll be able to experience this at home, and at your favorite watering hole — but not your theater.

www.wowvx.com from Philips also puts some more definition behind this.


~ by opticalflow on February 8, 2009.

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