Quantum GPU Supercomputing

Nature has an article entitled Tunable delay of Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen entanglement.  (Unfortunately, a subscription is required to go any deeper than the summary). Now, before your eyes roll completely into the back of your head, I’ll try and summarize what this is, and why this could be important.  “Entanglement” is the weird quantum property that when one of two “entangled” particles are observed, both particles reveal their observed property.  It doesn’t matter if the two particles are separated by light-years or a nanometer.  This begets the whole “quantum teleportation” idea, where information instantly, at faster than light speed, “jumps” from one place to another.  There are many different ways to entangle particles so that useful computations can be performed with them, and this constitutes part of the emerging field of Quantum Computers.  The paper describes a complex way of tuning temporal delays into already-entangled light, which can be used to assist the processing of images. 

There are a couple of ways this blows my mind, but here’s the punchline, in short:

The ability to delay entangled images makes it possible to extend the intrinsic parallelism of image processing to the quantum regime.” 

So we’re basically talking about “Quantum GPU computing”– three words I thought I would never string together in reaction to an article for another 20 years.  What sort of image processing applications could use the benefit of quantum calculations?   Quite a few, as it turns out — but that will be subject of another post.


~ by opticalflow on February 15, 2009.

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