Toptal — Interesting Business Model

As I was scrolling around YCombinator’s Hacker News (an indulgence I’ll admit I probably spend too much time doing) I came across a freelancer site called Toptal.  Since I’m both a programmer, manager, and executive, and I have a bit of free time on my hands the notion of freelancing again was giving me “the itch”.  I was intrigued by Toptal because they are very exclusive and it appears that their signal to noise ratio is very impressive compared to other sites like Upwork or Hired where it’s essentially a free-for-all, with the usual freemium add-ins that constantly tempt you to melt your credit card.  I’ll try joining the toptal software programmers network since there seems to be a lot of good firms looking for solid skills in the latest technologies like machine learning, virtual reality, and front-end development.


~ by opticalflow on February 3, 2017.

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