Why this blog?  Because I found myself repeatedly sending emails that pointed friends and collegues to interesting media stories and sites, while injecting my own particularly colored wisdom (or foolishness).  I think the “pull” model works better than the “push” model, so I created this blog: “OpticalFlow”.

Who am I?  I am Will Gaddy, CTO of a broadcast equipment and video technology company called A2Zlogix, Inc.

I can be reached at wlgaddy@gmail.com

I’ll try to keep things somewhat focused here, namely, GPU-CPU comparisons, FPGA stuff, odd video/3D processing math and algorithms, and stereoscopic 3D.  I might diverge into other topics like superresolution and HDTV technology, among others.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. hello Will :

    Just wanted to introduce myself, very impressed with this blog and with your company’s efforts in the 2D-3D videoconversion arena. I’m an ex-academic (EE/CS) , corporate R&D guy, Ph.D. Biomed Eng who got involved with 2D-3D conversion in the medical imaging context in the 90s. I’ve got a patent on the system we marketed back then: http://www.google.com/patents/about?id=w50dAAAAEBAJ&dq=baxter+garcia . We’ve got a new startup out of Silicon Valley now, Convert23 LLC, which is doing the conversion with much more sophisticated processing – similar to your approach. The market’s nascent at this point with DDD and Sanyo/JVC dominant – which is why I think it makes sense for newcomers to be talking to each other !

    Cheers and hope to hear back from you, I’ll leave my email below-and here: Baxter Garcia (BJG3D@mags.net)

  2. Hi Will: I saw the HDLogix technologies at CES 2010. Would like to talk to you further to see if we might be able to have more discussions to see how your technology might be suitable in some of our processing.
    Dr. Vasudev Bhaskaran
    Principal Engineer – Display Systems
    Qualcomm Inc.

  3. Greetings, Will, from Champaign. I just finished helping Theo Gray do the rotating true-3D images that have made his ebook, The Elements, one of the most talked about of the early iPad applications.


    I think you remember from when you were my student that I am Member #793 of the Stereoscopic Society of America, an avid 3-D photographer myself and collector of antique 3-D images. Since I saw you last the collection of Keystone stereoviews in my living room has grown to in excess of 5,000. And I have at least as many Stereo Realist 35mm 3-D slides, half of them taken by me and half by other people (I’ve been buying collections on eBay).

    Next time you are in Champaign, we should meet with Theo, whose Periodic Table Table won the IgNobel prize in Chemistry a few years ago, and who is getting more and more interested in publishing eBooks that go beyond what a flat page can do. Theo is second in command at Wolfram Research, makes of Mathematica and Wolfram Alpha. I’ve love to hear from you! eisenman@mathware.com

  4. i was wondering if you could share with us some news regarding your company. i have searched the internet and it seems like your company has been silent for quite a few months. i was wondering if you could give us a rough idea as to when you think your products will be out on the market. Even a little tease would be appreciated

  5. Well, we’ve been busy; we’ve spent more time selling (income) than marketing (dollar bills with wings on them). You can see some of our technology at work via our post-production partners in several 3D movie releases — namely the few whose 2D-to-3D conversions have been well-received. There will be more exciting news on the technology and business fronts forthcoming, however. Stay tuned.

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